Yes, Tacoma!  You deserve good design.  Good design matters in our daily lives and everyone's daily life deserves the value that good design brings.  My name is Tori Fields and my company--Level Fields Design, is all about getting solid, creative, design problem solving accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy folks.  My services are about renovation planning for remodels large or super tiny.  I focus on the functionality of a space--getting it to serve YOU and not the other way around.  While I have an eye for style, to be sure, I generally don't tread too far into the realm of color, furniture and decorations.  If that is what you need when we are done making your space work well, then I know where to send you!


I have a degree in Interior Design and several years of experience designing remodels for homes and a few commercial spaces but  BUDGET has always been the drum beat to my work.  I get it at a personal level, and I get it when it's your money we're talking about, too!  My goal is to be clear and up front about my design fees so you know exactly what you're getting into before the wallet opens.  If my fees are too high for your budget, lets talk.  I will make it possible for folks on super tight budgets to get the help they need, too!

Level Fields Design is born out of my two loves--1) design (art, architecture, fashion and all the finer things) and 2) Actual, Real Helpfulness.  This venture is my attempt to marry these together and serve the city I love.  I am attempting something new in the design industry because I truly believe it is a human right to live in spaces that function well and bring joy into the daily rhythms of our lives.