Interior renovation design for the budget-conscious, resourceful, and down-to-earth folks out there.
  • package deals with upfront pricing.  

  • select services like an a la carte menu

  • affordable 

  • no project too small

  • focus on functional changes over decorative styling


Warm thanks to Spaceworks Tacoma for helping my dream become a reality!

what I've done...

who I am...

I am a lot of things, but what you are here to know is that I am unshakably enthusiastic about making good design accessible to everyone.  I believe that a well designed space acts as a mirror--reflecting back to you that you are good, cared for, and have all that you need.  And I believe that all people deserve to have their spaces speak this to them on a daily basis. 

I am also enthusiastic about actually handling the tools and wearing coveralls and getting to the gritty work of beautification. Never shy of a creative challenge, I am happiest when my hands and mind are busy solving problems.